Das Leben am Haverkamp and
Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn / 16 APR 19

ZEFIR7 & BNO Den Haag present:
Das Leben am Haverkamp and
Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn
Moderated by Markus Praat

Tuesday 16th of April
Doors open at 20:00
We start at 20:30
Das Leben am Haverkamp made an extraordinary collection and presentation for the Zeeuws Museum, that is still on view. They also recently published a book, designed by Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn. For Zefir7 Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn and Das Leben am Haverkamp will show their projects and tell about collaborating on this project. The evening will be led by Markus Praat from BNO.

Das Leben am Haverkamp
Anouk van Klaveren, Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker and Gino Anthonisse joined forces and formed the collective Das Leben am Haverkamp after graduating from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Their unconventional approach to design and fashion results in thought-provoking, unpolished work, often inspired by daily rituals, cultural relativity of luxury and alter egos.

Studio Lennarts en De Bruijn
Max Lennarts and Menno de Bruijn form an ultra-multidisciplinary design studio, based in The Hague. They make big, bold and beautiful work varying from visual identities to communication design, both online and offline in interesting industries such as music, art, sports and fashion.

Markus Praat
Markus is a former illustration agent and now projectmanager Digital Design at BNO. He is interested in client-studio relationships, graphic design, art, fashion and many other subjects that both Das Leben am Haverkamp and Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn touch upon.

See you there!
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