11 september 2014
Locatie: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9 Den Haag

Nieuwe Lichting
New Draft Five graduation projects

We are happy to present to you a well considered selection of recent graduation projects.

The ‘Miet-Bewohner’ of Berlin research project by Stan de Natris (Arnhem)
“Berlin ist POOR but SeXY”
An installation using banners

The Miet-Bewohner of Berlin research project presents and locates temporary living locations in the spaces between GDR prefab (Plattenbau) buildings and pre-WWII (Altbau) buildings in Berlin.These places are intended for people struck by an eviction because of gentrification – revitalization of a neighbourhood, and displacement of the original inhabitants – in the inner city districts of Berlin.The project is visualised in various media and spatial formats like the newspaper Zwischennützung Zeitung, a 3d city plan inspired byWalter Gropius and giant advertisement banners mimicking one of the monolith shaped spaces.


’16 Pages and an Angry Young Man’ by Jeroen van Diesen (Den Haag)
“It’s a strangeWorld” (BlueVelvet – quoted by Zefir7 editor) A series of 10 booklets, 16 pages each

’16 Pages and an AngryYoung Man’ ventilates modern time frustrations with todays society. It’s the result of six month’s collecting useless imagery and seemingly meaningless quotes, which we are confronted with in our daily life. By isolating this information from it’s usual context and combining them in a format of only sixteen pages, it creates an awareness about the way, we as an society live our life.


Privacy is a Right by Kevin Sträter (Rotterdam)
“Orwell was an optimist” (Mikko Hypponen – quoted by Sträter) internet posters

In june 2013 whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) ignores the right to privacy of millions of citizens worldwide.This violation is on such a large scale that it has led to a global debate.Yet for the general public privacy- issues remain abstract. visualizes quotes from the debate in a creative way and aims to create awareness with thought provoking images. By sharing these images on social media and using the reactions on these images as new input Privacy is a right has become a co-creation platform that reaches people all over the world.


Aera Fabirca by Roos Meerman (Arnhem)
“3D printed objects are halfproducts” (from the Zefir7 preparation meeting) A series of experimental objects

As a designer, I focus on material and technology development. In my laboratory I make machines to examine how I can develop production methods that are controlled by natural phenomena, invisible to the eye. Research starts with all kinds of material tests: dipping, heating, melting, stretching, crushing or freezing of materials. In this way I try to transform the characteristics and the inherent tendency of the material to elicit a certain shape. My goal is to control the material, but in such a way that the material preserves its freedom of movement, in a way that the end result is always unique.


Gewoon duidelijk (Just Clear) by Suze Swarte (Utrecht)
“Black or white, no room for grey areas” (reaction to the posters by an interviewee)
A book and a series of posters mounted across Utrecht

Gewoon duidelijk (Just Clear) is about the slogans on posters of political parties. Most slogans seem meaningless. De Christen Unie (Christian Union) writes: “For a change”. Groen Links (left wing ecologists) writes: “Think Big”, and the CDA (Christian Democrats): “Fresh and Sensible”.The slogans left room for myriad interpretations. I selected 12 slogans and I asked people, with different proffesional backgrounds, to give their interpretation. I did not tell them the slogans came from posters of political parties. (Lecture in Dutch)


LOADING by JasperTerra (Den Haag)
[as seen:] a shopping trolley with in it a fine art painting – being pushed by a soldier…
Short film made by using a game engine

The movie ‘Loading’ is a clever appropriation of technique, narrative and references, which plays with the absurdity and serious issues of todays’ consumer society.The project is an excellent example of the abilities and changing role of the designer today: the designer as initiator, editor, thinker and responsible creator.






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