Audio Visual Night + New Years Drinks /15 JAN 19

Zefir7 & Bno Kring Den Haag present:

Audio Visual Night
+ New Year’s Drinks

with guest speakers

Doors open at 20:00
We start at 20:30

To start off the year with fireworks we welcome you to Zefir7’s Audio Visual Night! We’ve invited three designers from Rotterdam to illuminate Tuesday night in Stroom, The Hague. Experience the VJ-work of Jeisson Drenth with a special performance for Zefir7. Enter the visual world of Pleun Gremmen, reflecting on internet subculture and politics. Close the night up in smoke in an interactive projection by Zalán Szakács.
Feel welcome to have some New Year’s drinks!

Who are our guests?

For the past four years, Jeisson has used the practice of VJ-ing as an incentive to document his environments (natural and urban landscapes) and to study contemporary visual culture. His sets show a raw mix of motion graphics created with custom video gear (hardware based glitch video production), archives of networked media content, and photogrammetry (photography based 3D modelling). In 2019 he will focus on developing a series of solo performances.

is a graphic designer and visual artist researching ways to create and share narratives reflecting mainly on internet subculture and politics.
Working both commissioned and self-directed, she aims to push the boundaries of her practice through expanding her understanding and use of various media to create new relations with her audience.
Recently graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, she is now working as a designer for alternative cultural centre WORM, the self-initiated political research platform Alt Reality Lexicon and focussing on performance and installation within the collective The Love Imams.

is a post-digital designer, who explores media theories through the use of light, space, and sound. He translates his conceptual research into interactive and immersive environments, creating atmospheres that challenge human perception.
Zalán performed as live VJ at festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Event, Dekmantel in Amsterdam, Sound:frame in Vienna, Atlas Electronic in Marrakesh, and many clubs around Europe.
He graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven (Man and Communication) in 2017 and currently studies Media Design: Experimental Publishing at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

See you there!