13 februari 2014
Locatie: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9 Den Haag

Janno Hahn
Printed and spatial type design

Februari: LETTERMAAND /TYPE EDITION / Presentation in English!

Janno Hahn, is a young Dutch type designer based in Amsterdam. In his presentation he will show us the ideas behind his work and the making of many of the type projects he did in the past eight years.They range from large commissioned works in an architectural context to smaller, more poetic and
autonomous type projects. For almost every project Hahn designs a dedicated typeface. He uses different techniques and a wide range of materials for the execution.

Janno Hahn (Enkhuizen, 1980) likes to call himself a semi- autodidact, even though he studied at the Graphic Lyceum in Amsterdam, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts inThe Hague and the Plantin Institute ofTypography in Antwerp.

His specific ambitions in type design made him quit after two years each time, deciding he had seen enough. In between studying episodes he accumulated practical experience by meetings with type legend Gerard Unger, working for a small cultural design studio in Amsterdam and later one of the oldest and biggest identity design studios inThe Hague.The combined experience in these two companies with totally different views. His work got another dimension when he started working together with Atelier René Knip in early 2006.

Being confronted with the spatial aspect of type design both opened his eyes and threw him back into his childhood. As René and Janno perfectly complemented each other in their design work they decided to create a type collection (arktype.nl ) together.

See also: http://www.jannohahn.nl