*Glitterstudio and HATS & TALES /8 NOV 18

*Glitterstudio and HATS & TALES

On Thursday the 8th of November we invite *Glitterstudio and HATS & TALES – Two female design studios who have become pretty successful in a rather short amount of time – to speak about their experiences and how they’ve come where they are now.

Jana Blom (1990) and Caitlin Berner (1993) work together as a young, independent graphic design and VJ duo under the name *Glitterstudio. Both previously graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. With a playful, concept driven approach they work for a variety of clients but also create self initiated projects. Their work spans the cultural as well as commercial fields and includes designing visual identities, publications, posters, websites, social-media content, gifs but also building installations, making music videos, art-direction, creating live VJ-shows, video-mapping and much more.

Hats & Tales builds stories in the frictional area between visual violence and content-based clearness. Their strength is their duo: where Saskia aims her view on conceptual landscapes, Hanneke will put her focus on the human details. Their professional, co-creating and challenging way of working results in innovative, honest productions that are strictly executed and always come with a strategic impact. Amongst their clientele they count many organisations who find themselves in the centre of the earth, that are committed to their message and are not afraid of a strong statement.

in Stroom, The Hague
Doors open at 20.00
Presentation starts at 20.30
Drinks after

Animation by Studio Renate Boere

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