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Thursday 8 September 8 p.m.
Location: Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9, Den Haag

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Nieuwe Lichting / New Signatures
7 graduation projects from 3 academies
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Zefir7 hand picked 7 of Y16 design graduates to present their projects at the Zefir7 platform. They are – in order of appearance:

Roman Strijbos / WDK Rotterdam / Artist Launch
Floor Weijs / ARTEZ Arnhem / Forensic Aesthetics
Elizaveta (Leeza) Pritychenko /KABK Den Haag / Welcome to the Desert of the Real
Liz van den Berg / WDK Rotterdam / Viva la Vulva

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Julia Janssen / ARTEZ Arnhem / Bank of Online Humanity
Yamuna Forzani / KABK Den Haag / Nature is Fuzzy and Society Tries to Draw a Line on it.
Joeri Woudstra / KABK Den Haag / Tuning A Crashed Car

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Zefir7, BNO Kring Groot Den Haag
In cooperation with Stroom Den Haag

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••• Roman Strijbos / WDK Rotterdam
Back in his teens Roman Strijbos wanted to become a famous artist. Once at the academy, he set a goal to finish some of his musical compositions and to launch himself as a real pop artist. The design of a persona.

••• Floor Weijs / ARTEZ Arnhem
Forensics is not only about the diagnostics, the art of persuasion plays an important role. Forensics has an aesthetic dimension, which includes its means of presentation, the theatrics of its delivery, and the forms of image and gesture. Research aided by the design of forensic visual attributes and scenery.

••• Elizaveta (Leeza) Pritychenko /KABK Den Haag
Dealing with different representations of reality, it tends to become impossible to distinguish what is real, and what is not. “Welcome to the Desert of the Real” is a metaphorical virtual reality interpretation of Baudrillard’s concept of hyperreality, which suggests that the world we live in has been replaced by a copy world. Design of an augmented reality tour.

••• Liz van den Berg / WDK Rotterdam
We can argue, that the way society sees and deals with the vagina is a reflection of female sexual freedom within said society. To portray the diversity and the reconstructions done to it, the video Viva la Vulva covers topics such as the hymen reconstruction, female genital mutilation, the designer pussy and labiapulling. The design and production of a short film.

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••• Julia Janssen / ARTEZ Arnhem
A speculative system where personal data is a currency and applied in a monthly basic income for everyone. The design of an new monetary cycle and a bank identity.

••• Yamuna Forzani / KABK Den Haag
What is the future of gender? Queer is a social awareness, it’s the anti label. Society needs to get rid of binaries and embrace the spectrum. Wanst to embodie the idea of a queer utopia. “I want My Name Knitted All Over You.” The design of textiles and wearables.

••• Joeri Woudstra / KABK Den Haag
Music is not a visual discipline but this doesn’t mean it sould be removed from it’s visual component. Woudstra’s new record “ENGINE MALFUNCTION MUSIC VOL. X” references the vernacular subculture of car tuning and it’s musical realm. What would seperate elements from the club look like if they were contextualized to this record? How does one tune the crashed car that is the club?” The design of a DJ installation.

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Woensdag 7 September @ Gember / Fotomuseum Den Haag
5 p.m. Picture This, interviews en presentaties, toegang €7,50