15OKT19—Science or Photography? Design or Fine Art?

Zefir7 & BNO Den Haag present:
Science or Photography? Design or Fine Art?
Three alumni KABK Photography tell about their science-focussed projects and publications.

Tuesday October 15, 2019
Doors open at 20:00
Presentations start at 20:30

Marijn van der Leeuw: “Meanwhile a solid rock can become incoherent sand and then a castle”
Louisiana van Onna: “Here we weigh more, there we jump higher”
Suzette Bousema: “Climate Archive”
(Not present but work shown: Sofie Sihombing: “The man for whom time went faster”)

Visual made by Marijn van der Leeuw: https://www.x-is-y.com/portfolio-marijn-van-der-leeuw/


Marijn van der Leeuw graduated in 2018. During her studies, she already expressed great interest in processing her projects to publications with great attention to size, choice of paper, folding and/or binding and – not in the least place – graphic design. This did not remain unnoticed within the circle of co-students. Even during her own studies she was asked by a study mate as a consultant/designer of a thesis and a final exam publication. For the 2019 class she did design jobs for several students.
For Louisiana van Onna and Sofie Sihombing she designed their theses.

For Louisiana van Onna it only took one publication – by Vibeke Mascini – to help her discover her passion for well designed, beautiful books. Being fascinated by natural phenomena, she handles subjects both as a photographer and as a researcher. In her books she brings together both passions. In her graduation project, where she focusses on the flexibility of gravity, her graduation publication and thesis go hand in hand. It is in her produced work and upcoming work, that making publications and books, with another layer with facts and research, gives her the greatest joy of all.

In her thesis Sofie Sihombing researches the notion of time through a dialogue between scientists, philosophers and artists. Her exploration leads from Einstein’s theory of special relativity, via the beauty of experiencing inner time, to the paradox of trying to define the ‘now’. How can we make sense of such a complex theory? In her project Sihombing looks for ways in which special relativity shows itself in everyday life. Marijn designed the thesis which comes as a folded sheet.
In her graduation book the theory of special relativity is not treated as a mathematical formula, but as a way to look at the world.

Suzette Bousema graduated this year with ‘Climate Archive’, a project on ice core research in relation to climate change, for which she closely collaborated with polar researchers. This project resulted in photographs, glasswork and a self-published publication. The way humans interfere with nature and the way we relate to the Earth on an individual level is a reoccurring subject in her work. ‘Climate Archive’ caught the attention of NRC newspaper and Der Spiegel.
Currently Singer Laren runs an exhibition in collaboration with Dutch weatherman & polar researcher Peter Kuipers Munneke, which visualizes his research expedition in Antarctica. Suzette’s graduation project is part of it.
In 2018 Suzette did a project called ‘Future Relics’, in which she approaches plastic in the sea as future archaeologic findings, printing them by means of cyanotypi. The project was published in de Volkskrant.

On Tuesday October 15th Marijn, Suzette and Louisiana present their findings and talk about co-operation with designers – Marijn about being one. See you in Zefir7 at Stroom Den Haag!

Stroom The Hague
Hogewal 1
2514 HA Den Haag